Puppy Walker HT results

Results of the Puppy Walkers hunter trials Testimonial for Patrick Martin K.H.  Oct 12th

Pairs,  Class one,

1st:   Laura Tylor  Sarah Rippon.

2nd   Delyn Sloman  Lilly Howard.

3rd   Henry Brooks  Ferdie Brooks.  (family pair)

4th   Elise Crowley  Amy Hulbert.

5th   Kate Tomkins  Louise King.

6th   Lisa Moorhouse   Elle Moorhouse.

Lucy Burton  Alice Griffith.   (under 14)


14y.o.  Class two

1st   . Izzy Rees ( under 12)

2nd   Holly Anne Heir.

3rd   James Turner.

4th   Charlotte Sydenham.

5th   Hannah Whitacker.

6th    Helena Van Hutton.


Open (small)   Class three

1st   Emily Taylor.

2nd  Jessica McLoed.

3rd  Emily Conroy.

4th  Kate Robinson.

5th  Freya Strangman.

6th  Georgie Smith.


Open.  Class four  

1st  Lucy Sloman.

2nd  Phoebe Taylor.

3rd  Emily Mackintosh.

4th  Victoria Moore.

5th  Victoria Moore.

6th  Kate Howlett.

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